Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mini Shoppin' 2007

15mm WWII

10.5 cm Howitzer Battery
There are two ways I could do this:
1. BF Boxed Set: $60
2. Crew from PeterPig
With guns from OldGlory

British: (probably from BattleFront)
6lb Portee Platoon
4 x 6pdr guns
4 x CMP trucks
19 men for crews and CMD

Americans: (from Battlefront)
Cavalry Recon Platoon
3 x M8
3 x Jeep w/60mm mortar
3 x Jeep w/.30 cal
infantry teams?

Tank Destroyer Platoon
4 x M10
2 x M20
1 x Jeep w/.50

Peter Pig:
405. 2 Goliath teams
453. LW German radio operators
456. LW German Gun crew kneeling
465. German Higher command
67 LW German SMG (NCO) Kneeling
75 Seated Germans
206. Panther G infra Red(£6.50)
208. Panther stowage includes track , wheels and commander with MG34 AA basic pack price
201. Panther G (£6.50)
319. SDKFZ 251 C Camouflaged
39.French Resistance
398. Hand cart with pusher (2 of)
397. Bicycle and wheelbarrow civilians( 6 of)
60.Looters with tyre, chainsaw, TV
31. TV/Media Crew
43. Dictator

Old Glory:
2 x 10.5cm Guns (that would be 6 guns….) SciFi crap


Accessories and Civilians (these come from, under Quality Castings)
Q-5017 55 Gal Drums, Grain Sacks, Wooden Crates, Wooden A
Q-5000 Accessory Kit Allied Tools, Gas Cans, Bedrolls, Ta
Q-5018 Concreate Pillbox with removable Top so figures ca
Q-5019 European Civilians
Q-5001 Partisans Advancing
Q-5002 Partisans Defending
Q-6032 Command car, civilian
Or, also from WarWeb, under QRF:
GSV06 Steyr Staff Car
GSV02 Steyr Truck
Or, from
Three Sheep IRR-BaaBaa1
Three Goats IRR-BleatBleat4
Two Horses IRR-GeeGee14
Three Pigs IRR-GruntGrunt3
Two Cows IRR-MooMoo2
Chickens FA01
Sheep FA03
Pigs FA04
Cattle FA05
Camp (baggage, barrels, fire) 15/CS01
Squire, and 3 unarmoured horses 15/DH01

Maybe some new license plates or something? Decals.

New Stuff from The Miniature Building Authority:
Power Plant: $49.95
Small Industrial Buildings: $39.95
Russian Pesant Village: $64.95
Maybe some of the other stuff, I mean, it will be at DragonCon….

10mm Ancients

Warmaster Ancients:
via Great Hall Games:
·Warmaster Ancients rule book
·Warmaster Ancient Armies book
·1 x ADW61 Qin Chinese Army, 1000 Points
·4 x QIN02 Halberdiers
·4 x QIN03 Spearmen
·2 x QIN05 Archers
·6 x QIN04 Impressed Troops
·3 x QIN09 Wu Hu Cavalry
·1 x QIN10 Four Horse Heavy Chariot
·2 x QIN11 Command with Chariot
·1 x SAM009 Ninja
·1 x NWK011 Elite Archer, shaven head
·1 x VIG004 10mm Egyptian Scribe and Soldier
·1 x VIG009 Samurai Commander with attendants
·5 x packs of metal bases
All that only comes to about $340.....

Irregular Miniatures via Eureka Miniatures
1 x Peasant pack (10 figures) AU$6.00
1 x Chickens AU$3.00
1 x Pigs AU$3.00
1 x Sung Chinese/Mongol Rocket Launcher AU$2.25
1 x Sung Chinese/Mongol Subject Infantry Standard Bearer AU$0.70
1 x Sung Chinese Cavalry Standard Bearer AU$0.70
1 x Sung Chinese/Mongol Subject Infantry Officer AU$0.70
1 x Sung Chinese Cavalry Officer AU$0.70
1 x Mongol Cavalry Standard Bearer AU$0.70
1 x Mongol Cavalry Officer AU$0.70
1 x Halfling Personality AU$0.70
1 x Mongol Light Cavalry, holding sabre AU$0.70
1 x Wizard AU$0.70
Sub-Total: AU$20.55
Zone Based Shipping (Air Mail - North America): AU$15.61
Total: AU$36.16
Total in AUD: $36.16

I’ll also be needing a few books from Osprey on the topic. We’ll see what they’ve got.


Mighty Empires
Old Rules – Free .pdf
New Box Set --- $45.00
White Dwarf Tiles: $6.00

FlashPoint: VietNam
Basic Rules
Sample miniatures pack

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