Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Away Team, painted

No hady pics just yet, but I'm putting the finishing touches on an away party featuring classic Trek Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Yeoman Rand.

Edit: OK, figured out what I've got here. The figures are pretty shit, full-on ancient (1978, according to the casting tabs), and looked like this when I started:

That's supposed to be Kirk, His Yoeman, Scotty, and Sulu according to this blog:

But I wanted the main team and didn't figure on finding another pack of the long out-of-print Heritage line (wonder who's IP I'd really be stepping on to recast the fuckers?), so out comes the green stuff and the plastic card. A tricorder here, communicator there, and they sort of kind of maybe start to look like who I claim them to be.

But man, you want a break from brownish green WWII? Bust out some Technicolor space men.