Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Reverse Engineered Alien Arc Reactor

I'm about to go off and get my summer convention season started, which pretty much means little fiddly stuff is going on the back burner. Fortunately, I managed to get a few projects wrapped up before the shift. As a for instance, there was this little project I was working on, something with paratroopers, and its finally done, wrap, fine, completed. Even took pics of them all, I just haven't had time to clean them up. Hopefully that won't fall too far onto the back burner, but between the Steampunk World's Fair and ImagiCon, its probably gonna end up collecting dust for a while.

This, on the other hand, I'm just going to sort of toss out there.


Its a 15mm scale model of an alien arc reactor, recovered by... someone... in the 1940s, reverse engineered, and pressed back into service to power some infernal war machine. Its also close enough to the size of a Flames of War objective market for


It was a very fast, simple build that started out as a small plasma sphere I got from Edmond Scientific. Its battery or AC powered, and works a lot better if you hook it up to an AC adapter rated just a few amps higher than the device is speced for. I wouldn't leave it on all day like that, but its cool.


I took the plasma globe and covered the base in whatever junk looked right from the bits box, plus most of a 1/72 scale Vietnam war era jet support crew accessory kit I picked up some place. I have some figures to go with it -- three techs and a German officer on site for inspection -- but they aren't painted yet. I even made the floor of the elevator (where one tech and the officer will stand) removable so that I could make another later, or have FoW sized skirmish bases fit on there.