Monday, June 16, 2008

Kamfgruppe Rasputsia - Army History

Man, I hate writing "Army Histories" for wargames. I love telling these stories with other gamers, but I think they are best when told verbally over the post-game bull session. Besides, I graduated from college so I wouldn't have to write stupid papers any more. Granted, ya, folks need to read the history and not everyone is doing that on their own, so I can see how they came up with the idea, it just ain't for me. However, event organizers require them, in preparation for the 2008 Flames of War National Tournament (in which I may or may not compete) I went ahead and put in the effort -- and a decent effort it was. Because of the way these things are scored, my painting competition will be affected by the inclusion of points for Army History, so I tried to write a good one.

Here it is:
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Kamfgruppe Rasputsia.pdf

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