Monday, October 19, 2009

the Paratroopers are painted!

Hold the phone, y'all.

The Paratroopers are painted.

I say again, the fucking paratroopers are fucking painted!

I'd like to draw your attention to this dusty old post, just to properly set the time line here. Now, its not like I've been working on these things flat-out, non-stop for three long years. Hell, if nothing else this blog may serve as a record of all the things that distracted me from this project, which was itself the very thing I opened this blog to document. Either way, the damned things are painted, and that's a friggin' great reason to interrupt my ongoing DragonCon coverage.

Right-click and View Image or save to see full-size pics.

It doesn't look like much when you lay it all out like that, does it?

Now, there is still work to be done. Like, plants and snow. Ya, three little words there, but its going to take some doing. I'm looking at what products are available, colors and textures and the like. Its kind of a pinch, because for one we just lost one of our local hobby shops (the one most convenient to my lunch breaks, as it were) and for the other, most shops don't seem to stock winter-themed basing materials. Sure, everyone's got basic spring green grass, but once you get off the beaten path you pretty much have to special order everything.

Here's what I'm looking at, aside from a few things from the old stand bys:
From Silflor:
From Gale Force 9:
Winter / Dead Static Grass

So, once all that gets in I'll start in the next wave of work, adding all the little dead plants, then covering everything in snow, ice, and slush.

For now, I'm just enjoying the glow of completion. And, since I'm waiting on the mail man, I'm flirting with some 28mm...

Anyway, here's what we've got:

HQ Elements:

1st Platoon:

2nd Platoon:

3rd Platoon:

MG Platoon:

Mortar Platoon:

Parachute Artillery Platoon:

Glider Artillery Platoon:

Glider AT Platoon:

Glider Recon Platoon:

Field Artillery Platoon:

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