Monday, December 28, 2009

South Eastern SteamPunk Meet Up #1

Hay, I found pictures!
I took these back in the summer at the meet up at Ex Libris's place. I meant to post them then, and well... I'm posting them now! I took some others, but for whatever reasons (mostly them just being snapshots of dubious quality) these are the ones I felt like sharing. I've got a group shot, random folks, a good batch of the Huntsville crew, and I even show up in a few myself.

Most of us fit in the garage, but not everyone fit in the frame:

Local wacky people:

Hunstville wacky people: The Captain...

....the Damsel...

...and the distress! ;)

A fire fight ensues!


Task-specific explosives are examined and compared; Insurance policies are damned.