Thursday, August 9, 2007

Mighty (Empires) Distraction

OK, I knew this was comming... all the work I've been doing on the paratroopers, I knew, would come to a screaching halt for God knows how long when the new stuff got here. Well, Might Empires showed up last Thursday. And now we'll have an example of why I should post things closer to real-time, instead of my standard retroactive postings.

Thursday the game came in. I dropped everything and started cleaning hex tiles. Let the distraction commence.

Friday, Geoff saw the map -- no painting, just assembeled plastic. Immediatly, he had to have one. This was good, for it would doble the size of the rhelm over which we would fight. However, he needed me to drive him to the mall. And when we got there, he'd forgotten his wallet. Fucker. Anyway, we got him a map, and stayed up until 2 playing with the air brush to get them painted. We got both maps knocked out in the night -- maybe this wouldn't be such a distraction after all? I painted the mountains and rivers on both maps, but other than that Geoff painted his own. At the end of the night, this is what my map looked like:

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By the next morning, the borders of the hexes were painted and the river had a coat of thick clearness on it.

The weekend was kind of general stuff, a bit of details and kung fu. I was starting to paint up all the little markers, and think about all the additional markers I'd need to play the game with the old rules... this was going to take a good while...

Then I got laid off on Monday. Fuckers. 10 years with the company, and new management shows me the door. Fuck 'em.

So I had a bit of free time on my hands.... Now all the markers with the game are painted, the map is all edged and clear coated. I need to do more markers, paint 'em, and flock the map. Geoff also needs flock, so we'll probably do that together. Its comming along nicely.

And I should take delivery of my Chinese today or tomarrow. Things are good in game land.

Now, if any one knows about a good job opening for a server monkey...