Monday, December 10, 2007

Watchya paintin', Utini?

Actually, its been a little bit of this, and a little bit of that since finishing up the Chinese hoard, but here's the basic rundown:

Back on the Paratroopers with a vengence -- I just finished my basic 105mm artillery battery, and have the mortars and MGs also 100% painted. All they need is flock and snow, which will happen to the entire army all at once at the end. At this point, I've decided that I really really really really really wanna play with these guys, so I'm going through all the platoons and laying down a base coat on everything, which basically means extra dark uniforms, skin, boots, helmets, and metalic rifles with no highlighting or details at all. Its better than primer, and will at least let me put them on the table with a clear concince.

Also, I just might be able to base coat everything before the need to work with glue and tools over takes me, and I start modeling all those Shermans I've been buying. Eventually I'm gonna go back to Germany and model up the PzIV platoon, Pumas, Tigers, and other random stuff I've been pickup up for them.

Some day, I may even go back and finish painting all my mid-war Brits: the last army I decided to just base coat and get back to eventually.

All this is, of course, dependent on me getting off work in a normal, human type way at any point in the forseable future. I'm an IT goon working on contract, which means lots and lots of hours spent watching servers reboot, rather than painting. This may also have influenced the decision to just base coat the paras.

Also, there will be more photos soon -- the big ticket item for xMass this year looks to be a fancy new digital camera, in the 8 megapixel range. So no more of this 800 x 600 shot-with-a-camcorder nonsense! Should be fun.