Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mini Shoppin' 2007

15mm WWII

10.5 cm Howitzer Battery
There are two ways I could do this:
1. BF Boxed Set: $60
2. Crew from PeterPig
With guns from OldGlory

British: (probably from BattleFront)
6lb Portee Platoon
4 x 6pdr guns
4 x CMP trucks
19 men for crews and CMD

Americans: (from Battlefront)
Cavalry Recon Platoon
3 x M8
3 x Jeep w/60mm mortar
3 x Jeep w/.30 cal
infantry teams?

Tank Destroyer Platoon
4 x M10
2 x M20
1 x Jeep w/.50

Peter Pig:
405. 2 Goliath teams
453. LW German radio operators
456. LW German Gun crew kneeling
465. German Higher command
67 LW German SMG (NCO) Kneeling
75 Seated Germans
206. Panther G infra Red(£6.50)
208. Panther stowage includes track , wheels and commander with MG34 AA basic pack price
201. Panther G (£6.50)
319. SDKFZ 251 C Camouflaged
39.French Resistance
398. Hand cart with pusher (2 of)
397. Bicycle and wheelbarrow civilians( 6 of)
60.Looters with tyre, chainsaw, TV
31. TV/Media Crew
43. Dictator

Old Glory:
2 x 10.5cm Guns (that would be 6 guns….) SciFi crap


Accessories and Civilians (these come from, under Quality Castings)
Q-5017 55 Gal Drums, Grain Sacks, Wooden Crates, Wooden A
Q-5000 Accessory Kit Allied Tools, Gas Cans, Bedrolls, Ta
Q-5018 Concreate Pillbox with removable Top so figures ca
Q-5019 European Civilians
Q-5001 Partisans Advancing
Q-5002 Partisans Defending
Q-6032 Command car, civilian
Or, also from WarWeb, under QRF:
GSV06 Steyr Staff Car
GSV02 Steyr Truck
Or, from
Three Sheep IRR-BaaBaa1
Three Goats IRR-BleatBleat4
Two Horses IRR-GeeGee14
Three Pigs IRR-GruntGrunt3
Two Cows IRR-MooMoo2
Chickens FA01
Sheep FA03
Pigs FA04
Cattle FA05
Camp (baggage, barrels, fire) 15/CS01
Squire, and 3 unarmoured horses 15/DH01

Maybe some new license plates or something? Decals.

New Stuff from The Miniature Building Authority:
Power Plant: $49.95
Small Industrial Buildings: $39.95
Russian Pesant Village: $64.95
Maybe some of the other stuff, I mean, it will be at DragonCon….

10mm Ancients

Warmaster Ancients:
via Great Hall Games:
·Warmaster Ancients rule book
·Warmaster Ancient Armies book
·1 x ADW61 Qin Chinese Army, 1000 Points
·4 x QIN02 Halberdiers
·4 x QIN03 Spearmen
·2 x QIN05 Archers
·6 x QIN04 Impressed Troops
·3 x QIN09 Wu Hu Cavalry
·1 x QIN10 Four Horse Heavy Chariot
·2 x QIN11 Command with Chariot
·1 x SAM009 Ninja
·1 x NWK011 Elite Archer, shaven head
·1 x VIG004 10mm Egyptian Scribe and Soldier
·1 x VIG009 Samurai Commander with attendants
·5 x packs of metal bases
All that only comes to about $340.....

Irregular Miniatures via Eureka Miniatures
1 x Peasant pack (10 figures) AU$6.00
1 x Chickens AU$3.00
1 x Pigs AU$3.00
1 x Sung Chinese/Mongol Rocket Launcher AU$2.25
1 x Sung Chinese/Mongol Subject Infantry Standard Bearer AU$0.70
1 x Sung Chinese Cavalry Standard Bearer AU$0.70
1 x Sung Chinese/Mongol Subject Infantry Officer AU$0.70
1 x Sung Chinese Cavalry Officer AU$0.70
1 x Mongol Cavalry Standard Bearer AU$0.70
1 x Mongol Cavalry Officer AU$0.70
1 x Halfling Personality AU$0.70
1 x Mongol Light Cavalry, holding sabre AU$0.70
1 x Wizard AU$0.70
Sub-Total: AU$20.55
Zone Based Shipping (Air Mail - North America): AU$15.61
Total: AU$36.16
Total in AUD: $36.16

I’ll also be needing a few books from Osprey on the topic. We’ll see what they’ve got.


Mighty Empires
Old Rules – Free .pdf
New Box Set --- $45.00
White Dwarf Tiles: $6.00

FlashPoint: VietNam
Basic Rules
Sample miniatures pack

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Qin Chinese - 1st Wave Arives

I got in the first wave of my order with Great Hall Games today. It showed up nice and fast, but one of the packs was wrong. We'll see how long it takes to get the right pack (they just placed a big order with England, so if they don't have any of them in stock it may be quite a while....) but the figs look good. 10mm are some small little buggers, so I'm surprised they have as much detail as they do.

These guys are going to have to wait a bit before I start working on them. I might clean them up, but past that they will be waiting on the 2nd wave, at least a month out from delivery. Which is fine, I have plenty to do in the mean time, between all the other painting projects, the paratroopers, and Mighty Empires.