Monday, July 7, 2008

Play On Con, Heroscape, and Stuff.

Very brief post, just to say that I went to Play On Con this weekend. Hay, it was local. It was also friggin' tiny. Like, maybe 150 people tiny. I had fun, but that was mostly because of all the running around I did back and forth to the con, and other comic shops, and to Sammys, a local gentleman's establishment. The con itself was sort of on the cusp between "con" and "nerd kegger." So, anyway, I was out there and supported the scene. I put my name on the list to maybe start helping out with security at these things, which might be interesting.

I got a bunch of new HorrorClix toys to play with in my new favorite game, Heroscape. Yes, it is simple, cheesy, and childish. Its also fun as all hell, and all made of plastic. Playing with that much plastic just sends some kind of low-level signal for "play time" to my brain. Big recent additions include all things Alien and Predator.

I'm still painting my ass off, too, even though I haven't played Flames of War in over a month. I've finished the painting on another platoon of paratroopers, and I'm going over all the pumas and random German trucks with decals and such.