Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I been workin' on stuff

Seriously, the total lack of new posts has been due to me workin' on too much stuff, and not stopping to make blog posts. I took some pictures, I was gonna post 'em... See there's this point where that whole more-efficient-to-paint-in-mass thing breaks down, and I think its when you stop trying to work on things a platoon at a time, and start thinking in terms of simultaneously produced companies.

The paratroopers have been back on center stage and getting painted in the last few weeks, but before that I was painting all the crap I made all winter. I'm talking a full late-war Panzer Company, more stuff to flesh out the mid-war Panzer Company, some stuff for the Panzer Grenadiers, and, oh ya, a Sherman tank company, plus a few buildings.

I'll get some pics up -- later. Right now I'm too busy putting off writing an army history for Nationals.