Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Space Hulk test figures

As promised, Space Hulk test figures. These are me trying to remember how to paint red, only this time so it looks good (not like when I'd try and paint colorful shit in highshool). I always did my own colors back in the day, but for this go around on Space Hulk I wanted pure, as per the fluf, GW Approved Blood Angel Space Marines, just like on the box cover. So here we go, First Edition Space Hulk plastic Terminators!

The decals on these things are from a sheet printed in 1993. I can't believe they still worked.

I got fancy, and used masking fluid to hide the fire shape from the black paint on the heavy flamer.

Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!

After getting used to 15mm, 28mm really does feel kinda huge. Woo hoo so much room! (Gestures wildly with brush in the air).

Why yes, these are why I'm not done putting snow on Easy Company... And it only took until February for me to post something in 2010!