Tuesday, October 27, 2009

DragonCon 2009 Gun Babes

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DragonCon 2009 Gun Babes
DragonCon 2009 - The Ladies of DragonCon

So, Sunday night I had me a little brain storm. I'd been walking around taking pictures of people (mostly girls) all weekend... I'd been toting the big machine gun all day, and people kept taking its picture all day... hay, why not put those two together! (As always, pics are shown at reduced size, view-as or save for full image view.)

She started it:

After that, it just seemed like a good idea, and I ran with it. I got somewhat mixed results with this little plan. Clearly, every single human with a Y chromosome saw the brilliance of this notion, but a few girls gave me rather odd looks, as if the girl/gun combo made me some kind of sicko or the gun was somehow... dirty. On the other hand, there were also a pretty decent number of girls who were about to give me the polite impression that they'd had their picture taken quite enough today, thank you very --- oh, you mean with the gun, well that's different!

Most of the women I asked to pose with "this big-ass gun," came back with an, "oh, hell ya!"

Anyway, enough prattle. Lets see how many I got! First up (well, OK, 7th up) I got a few steampunk band members to pose with the thing. From the Extraordinary Contraptions Sephora:

And from Abney Park, Nathan (the only man I asked to hold my gun):

And, naturally, one of the Cruxshadows girls:

Some of the lovely ladies I actually already knew:

But most of them were new acquaintances. Here's a tip, fellas: have a shtick, and a good prop helps break the ice.

I do need to give this gal a special comment. Lots of girls liked the gun... she friggin' loved it! Seriously, she played with it for about 10 minutes, and I'm hardly the only one to take her picture doing so.

She was not one of the girls who needed to be told how to hold the thing.

The man with no name...

Is the man with no gun!

Clearly, some folks found the gun's design less than intuitive:

She worked hard to get into this pose:

But she just popped up into it:

The damn thing's bigger than she is!

She woke up, just for this picture:

Like I said, some seemed to find the gun less than natural in the hand.

Seriously, I fucking hate people who do this in other people's pictures. I mean, is being cool like that really worth the small dick?

It always seems to be the case than when I'm out late doing this camera thing, eventually I run into Photognome, and I will freely admit to jumping on board his wagon and snapping a few pics while he posed the girls. Those pics will get posted later, when the gnome was done I had them take hold of the cannons.

Now, I hate to end on a down note, but I just want to say...

This guy is an ass hole! If you are him, fuck you. I carried my toys all weekend long, and the few minutes I spent in your drunken, stupid company was the only period of fear I felt that my toys might get broken in your clumsy, wavering grip. You are no where even remotely as cool as you seemed to think. If you are not him, but you see him, point and laugh without explanation, just to bug him.

Oh, hell, I don't want to close this post out with that inbreed douche bag... how about Rogue?