Monday, August 31, 2009

Reading Rainbow cancelled

Man, did y'all know they canceled Reading Rainbow today? I can trace my love (not only of books) of gluing together mismatched model kits directly to the Reading Rainbow ep. that was basically a behind the scenes of Star Trek The Next Generation, where in they showed a small shuttle pod to be old model car parts with Gilette razors on the sides. And I've been sniffin' glue ever since.

I gotta question their motives for cancellation, the how/why bit. If true (doubt it, personally) that's pretty crap logic, as I can't think of anything less useful for most kids than Hooked on Phonics the Series. If false (more likely) that's some pretty cheep spin on, "We're done because we're broke." Thanks for all the No Child Gets Ahead money.

Here's that old ep on youtube: