Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ultimate Utility Belt

OK, here's one that you lot should have some good ideas on. I'm putting together an Ultimate Utility Belt. Think less Bat Man, and more Bug Out Kit for day-to-day action. Items must be real and functional, so no comics nonsense or anti-vampire bullshit. I'm also more interested in minor day-to-day micro-catastrophies than the end of the world. Sure, all this shit would be useful if the undead rise from their graves, but I'm more likely to get a flat tire.

From a design standpoint, I'm looking at multiple small sub-kits that could be swapped out for expected conditions -- no reason to carry a soldering kit on a kyack trip, and the snake bit kit would be less useful on a day at work than a day on the river.

So far, here's what I've got (I'm listing subkits and major components, not every little widget):

1. Fire - lighter, flint/steel, magnezium, tinder
2. First Aid - bandages, disenfectant, superglue
3. Medication - asprin, asthma medicine for Celeste, antihistimine
4. Snake-bit kit
5. Sewing kit with nail files and stain remover
6. Tire repair kit - fix-a-flat, vinly repairs
7. Rope, wire, ducktape, WD-40, vasaleen, grappeling hook
8. Environmental -- sun screen, poison ivy, water purification
9. Navigation and Signals -- compass, mirror, flair, LED flasher, throwys
10. Safe Sex kit - male and female condoms, dental dam, lube packets, rubber gloves
11. Emergency spare batteries -- AA, AAA, C, 9v, watch
12. Plastic sheet, bags, poncho
13. Tobacco and pipe, waterproof
14. Condiments -- salt, pepper, soy sauce, non-dairy creamer, instant coffee, sugar
15. Note taking kit - paper, pencil, pen, waterproofed
16. MultiTool, can opener, hammer, razor blades, fishing hooks, saw
17. Food -- jerkey, MRE stuff, etc.
18. Portable soldering and welding kit
19. Small binocular or telescope, lense cleaner
20. Mosquitto netting, mylar thermal sheet
21. Survival handbook
22. Disposable camera
23. Eye glass repair kit
24. Blade Care kit - wet stone, oil, ToughCloth, rag
25. sling and shot
26. Nuts, bolts, screws, nails, etc.
27. Bathroom kit -- hand sanitizer, TP, mouth wash, tooth paste, tooth brush, tampoons (I'm told this one could make me a hero with the right woman at the right time)
28. Marking Kit - sharpie marker, chalk, flourescent spray paint
29. locksmith kit
30. Fire extinguisher/baking soda

So far, that's what I've got. Any suggestions?

Like this Pocket Grappeling Hook