Tuesday, October 20, 2009

DragonCon 2009 Costumes: SteamPunk

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OK, kids. This might be a big one... it's time for the SteamPunk post. As you can see, it was something of a popular theme at Dragon this year. I'm going to pick and choose what to post, so there are more pictures in the full photobucket. And full size pics can be yours with a right-click, view-image, bla bla bla.

I've got a notion that Steam Punk is the fandom most likely to be photographed from behind. I don't know that I'll post all the backpacks and details shots, but trust me, I've got plenty of them. And if you want to check, drop me a line and I'll check to see if I've got a better picture of you.

So, to start off, here's the pics I took of the ladies at the big Brass Goggles meet-up Friday night:

Also seen around the meet up:

Everything this dude was carrying had little spring-loaded moving parts.

Here he is again, with his big-ass gun:

Booze-dispensing backpacks were extra-popular:

Another shot worked over in the GIMP so I could show her with a flash, but still see the plasma:

She gives me gun envy:

The meet-up wasn't the only place to find steampunks around the con. Far, far from it....

Like I said, boozepacks were very, very popular.

Not sure if its steampunk, but she made it herself:

These two were completely festooned in vibrators. And smiles.

I love her glasses

And I kinda like what she's done with the camera here:

The brass piper of steamtown:

webbed fingers!


bite me...

And who doesn't like a nice group theme?

OK, the guy on the far left likes it a bit too much...

As you'll soon see, I love a woman with a big gun...

And just so you know, Steampunk works for the "Hyatt Back-Porch Girls" too!

Man, next year I outta try and take a few pics....