Thursday, January 24, 2008

Comming Attractions

The combination of technical difficulties (rebuilt home PC, dead net connection, and can't find photoshop) and a bussy tournament and painting schedule have combined, such that I have a ton of new stuff and I've been very slow to update. So, here's what you can expect in the short-term:
  • WolfKrieg'08 -- Table and Army picturs, full AAR, and road trip pics of our run up to Kentucky for THE Flames of War event of the year (so far, anyway). This includes our stop at the Patton Museum.
  • Mesh Schurzen -- making of article
  • SciFi German Armoured Infantry -- gallery shots of my latest Wierd War II miniatures
  • German Armour Update -- a few more platoons of German tanks are getting the full finished treatment, and they'll be up here before too hella long
  • Painted Paratroopers -- they don't have grass and snow yet (that all comes at the end) but a few platoons of paratroopers are wearing their true colors.

All this and more, at whatever rate I choose to allocate valuable painting time to picture taking, and less valuable "work" time to playing on the interwebs.

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