Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Peacekeeper Pulse Pistol

Since I've had so much fun playing with toy guns lately, I went ahead and finished this:


It's a Peacekeeper Pulse Pistol from Farscape. Gods, I loved that show... Anyway, I picked the resin kit up at DragonCon last year and only now got around to assembling and painting it. Its a butt-simple kit, just clean and fill casting problems (none were major, just a few burrs and bubbles) and glue on the laser targeter.

That picture sucks, but I wanted something quick. It doesn't show the nice, subtle finish at all, so I should take a better pic at some point. But the gun isn't just plane old black, I used a metallic dark gray spray paint with brass flecks in it, the label calls it "Oil Rubbed Bronze." Then I inked it black, then lightly resprayed it lightly from above as a highlight. It looks black in anything short of direct light, but when the light catches it you get a subtle brass effect. Its just slightly cheesy -- just like Farscape.

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