Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Great Flood of 2010

Well, that sucked.
Flooded my mother fucking game room!

It could have been worse, but it sure as hell coulda been better. When I got there it was standing about 1.5 inch deep. We don't keep too much shit on the floor that isn't in a plastic tub or raised up on metal shelves, and the floor is rather uneven, which saved my book cases from the worst of it. So I get down with the shop vac and start pumping while Celeste starts making dams to keep the water out of the art studio, where shit is all over the fucking place. The studio is a bit higher than the rest (again, wobbly floor saves the day) so she had a bit of time to work, despite the rising water.

Once we got that shit under control I started poking around the crawl space under the house, trying to find the source, and find it I did. There's a drainage trench through the crawl space, with a drain pile laid through it. That bit was full to over flowing, just over a foot deep, with more coming in through the backed up french drain. So I go out and buy a pump and toss that bitch in. About 2 hours later its got the trench drained most of the way, and we spend the rest of the night manning the bilge: 2 hours on, 2 hours off (more of less): drain it out, let it fill back in, drain it out again.

It is filling up slower this morning than last night, but its still coming in, and still raining, so we'll have to keep an eye on it. It wasn't TV news grade flooding with people rowing boats down the street or anything, but it was a hell of a lot more water than I'd typically invite into my house, especially since I've never had a house flood before.

I wish I'd taken pictures. Oh, I left out the funny bit: scrambling around cleaning up endangered nerd artifacts my wife knocked over a pile of stuff, including a few still-packeged toy dragons and a copy of Risk in the shrink wrap. They floated.


LesleyD said...

Thank goodness the nerd gear got through unsaturated. ;-) WOW!! I hope everything will dry out!!! Holler if you need any help cleaning!

Utini420 said...

As ever, darlin', you rule. :-)