Monday, July 9, 2007

Assault on Kiev Campagn COMPLETE

The fighting is over, and Germany has been victorious! My glorious co-commander Caesar has taken the fight to the enemy and beat him on his own ground. As a win on either track ends the campaign, its a team win for Germany. As a final installment of our coverage of this titanic struggle, I'm going to post Caesar's write up here... In his own words...


5-2 German victory results in Liberation of Kiev. Ukranian Front Commander General Kritikal Kritikalov found lifeless in apparent suicide surrounded by the bodies of his troops as well as piles of dice curiously marked with only ones and twos.

Peace Returns Forever.

The Blonder, More Attractive Local Women Are Issued to our Troops in a Generous and Merciful Effort to Repopulate this Shattered Country with Nordic Children.

General Walther von Kaiserstein heard to remark "Now we can get back to real soldiering-- small random forces bumping into each other in generic landscapes devoid of context or history!", and is cheered by weary troops.


Soviets prepare to defend Kiev to the last man:

The Factory-- graveyard to half of each army. By the end of Turn One, most of the troops in this photo, German as well as Russian, would be dead:

On the other flank isolated assault guns tore apart buildings but there were always brave Russian infantry ready to fill the gaps left by fire:

Getting ready for the third or fourth Russian assault:

I was prepared to ram this captured tank through the factory wall if need be:

Meanwhile, a Soviet flank attack, beaten off after heavy losses:

Only the little pewter casualty figures have seen the last of war:

Larger versions of these pictures are available on the Crucible.

So, now I guess its back to random games. I think I'm going to let my Germans get a little R&R and roll my Kiwis out of retirement for a while, see how bad it hurts to loose with them.

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