Monday, March 30, 2009

ImagiCon -- where the hell was everybody?

So, ya... ImagiCon was this past weekend. It was technically a first time con, though it pretty much grew up from the ashes of OmegaCon. And, like... no one came. Seriously, I'm having a hard time giving any actual opinion on how well prepaired the con was, or how much fun they had lined up for anybody, because no one showed up. Like, at all. I mean, OK, a few people did. I forgot my real camera at home, and was reduced to just phonecam pics. In the end I didn't even really care.

She was the coolest girl at the con, because when the fuckaweful redneck shitmetal band wouldn't stop at the end of their set (they'd already run off 2/3 of the remaining people) she went and got security on them. I don't think she'd have done that if they hadn't told her to fuck herself when she asked nicely.


But it was like all night and day there were enough folks for a kick-ass block party, wandering around the BJCC wondering where everyone else was. If they'd all been in one room it would have been a party, but all spread out like that it just felt like a ghost town.


They did have one really cool thing going on that I've not seen before. They had little sets placed around the con, little back drops for picture taking. This is one of them:

They had folks in costume scheduled to be at each station most of the day, sort of like getting your picture made with Micky Mouse at Disneyland. Or you could use the backdrops for pics of anyone in costume. Either way, they'd have made for much better pictures than the wall of some hotel. If there had been anyone there to use them. They had about 4 of the set up: this one, a mad scientist space station sort of thing; and also a castle/dungeon, and a small jungle full of Face Huggers. Cool, cool idea that I hope to see again at a more generally interesting convention.

These are the last of my pics.
Now, I'm not going to identify these girls, because I don't want to single them out for another critical comment.

I've seen a good few of these new-school burlesque acts that have been popping up of late. I'm all on board with how its not just stripping. That said, if you're gonna take out the nipple factor, the skill level MUST come up to fill the gap, and in most cases, that's just not happening.

Girls, you can't just wear your bra, slap on some fake blood, wiggle a bit on stage, and call it burlesque. There really needs to be some practice and shit, ya know?


All that said, their teacher did have some moves and actually knew how to belly dance.

OK, this is the point where I want to insert a rant about how lame the scene is in Birmingham, how ever scene in this town (geek, punk, goth, hippy, raver, gamer, you name it) is self-defeating by assuming all things will be as lame as the last thing everyone assumed would suck, and about how the only way these scenes linger in their comatose halfdead state is by eating their young. But ImagiCon, I shit you not, wasn't even good enough to bitch about. I'd feel like I was getting all worked up calling a dead man lazy.


Anonymous said...

I wanted to support it, since OmegaCon was sort of pleasant if a bit dull. But the tickets were more expensive and in a month where our car tag and fire service fee were both due, we just couldn't bring ourselves to fork over the money.

Plus, the guest list wasn't as good as OmegaCon's and it smelled of decreasing to me. I do hope they can survive and recover.

Sometimes it seems like Atlanta, New Orleans, and the beaches siphon off all of Birmingham's energy.


Utini420 said...

That's a good point, too. A lot of folks, when they think about firin' it up and partying hard, they just sort of assume that starts with a road trip.