Wednesday, December 16, 2009

PEM Bombs

The newly discovered technology of the pulsating electronic magnet, or PEM, has offered us another tool to use in the control and containment of otherwise rogue automaton and other mechanical and electrical devices -- an issue of growing importance as these contraptions are employed an an ever increasing rate.

Simply pull the pin and toss the device (called a "PEM bomb" by the boys in the field) at the offending mechanical nightmare and marvel as a harmless flash of light (and an invisible pule of magnetic electricity) render the machine instantly as docile and lifeless as an unloved Erector set.

I made these up from some huge old vacuum tubes and sheet brass. Here's the prototype while I worked out the shapes:

And note the clever use of a re-purposed mouse pad to keep them from breaking. These can be worn on the hip without fear of glass shards.


Peter said...

The PEM bombs looks like a kind of designer ammunitions....but it would be very disappointing to use them...rather they can be used in interior decoration......LOL
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Michael said...

What did you use for the tops , where the pins go into? Looks almost like the tops of a old lighter lol