Friday, July 6, 2007

Assault on Kiev Campaign

Strategic Status

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The Germans have Won on Track 1!
The Germans have Won on Track 2!

Track 1(with Game 5 results)
  • Allies: 15
  • Axis 10
  • Next Mission: The Soviets will bleed men in a Fighting Withdrawl in Lisowka.

Track 2 (with Game 5 results)
  • Allies: 15
  • Axis: 15
  • Next Mission: Game 6 on Track 2 will be Not One Step Back with the Soviets defending a 4 x 4 table of the streets of Kiev.

Are the Russians on the ropes? Is Ivan Cryin'? We're getting to the line, people, and Caesar could win this on the next game. All Kritikal can do is not loose, he's not in a position to win. Breakdance might stop me from getting back on the road, but even if he wins we'll just be in Zhitomir again, and he'll need game 7 to win to win the campaign.

This should probably be obvious, but just to avoid any issues, let me spell this out: the two tracks are identical to eachother in every game-measurable way. We could change this if we wanted to, but that would be too much work.

Track 1 = Track 2
Zhitomir = Berdichev
Lisowka = Skvira
Brusilov = Mironivka
Radomyschi = Bila Cerkva
Malin = Fastov
Kiev = Kiev

Campaign Special Rules Here.

This link seems to be dead just at the moment. If any one had any questions, ask me. I'll try and dig up the copy I saved and post it up here.

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