Saturday, July 7, 2007

No Mo Retro

Well, that's it for old content. I've got everything I can think of moved over from older web activities, so moving forward it's 100% fresh, asside from that one article I still need to rewrite. I have the pictures taken for several more posts, I just need to clean 'em up, write 'em up and post 'em up.

Comming Soon:
Flames of War minefields and barbed wire
Air Brushed Tank Camo
Might Air Bases
Slave Market gallery :-)
Kamfgruppe Rasputitsia Making-Of
Painting Guides (maybe...)
The continuing adventures of Easy Company

And at some point I'm gonna write a full-on Tutorial on how to make Bling-Bling infantry bases for Flames of War. But I think I'm good for right now.

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