Friday, July 6, 2007

Assault on Kiev

Logistical Support

This should probably be obvious, but just to avoid any issues, let me spell this out: the two tracks are identical to eachother in every game-measurable way. We could change this if we wanted to, but that would be too much work.

Track 1 = Track 2
Zhitomir = Berdichev
Lisowka = Skvira
Brusilov = Mironivka
Radomyschi = Bila Cerkva
Malin = Fastov
Kiev = Kiev

Battlefield Surveys
In no way do I mean to suggest that we must and should refight these battles over exactly the same ground. However, knowing what each town basically looked like should be fun as we go, both to make the same places have a similar feel as we fight to retake them, but also to try and make each town different from the others.

For instance, kritikalfailure and I sort of pictured Lisowka as a quiet, unsuspecting farming village.

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We tried to keep the buildings as intact as possible. If we find ourselves fighting here a 3rd or 4th time, they'll all be ruins. And we tried to use my villagy-looking pieces, and save all the big-city Stalingrad style ruins for Kiev. kritikalfailure took some pictures that probably look better than these, but they will do until he uploads his someplace.

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Since we ended up playing three battles in this town, each time we tore it up a little more. All the buildings were intact on the first game. Some of the roofs and floors were removed for the second, and on the third all we put out were the smouldering shells of the buildings. But they were the same building models, so the town always felt like fighting in the same place, even as we tore it down around our ears.

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The basic lay out we used for Zhitomir -- note all the new buildings! I was kinda happy about that, I even picked up a train station and some track, because the campaign says there's a rail line through Zhitomir. These buildings don't really destroy, the roofs just come off, so hopefully we won't be fighting here long.

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