Saturday, July 7, 2007

Mini Shoppin' for 2007

I'm sort of trying to plan out what else I'd really like to see on my work bench for the rest of 2007. Some things have been decidedly pushed to 2008, such as a US Armoured Company. Right now, this is what I'm looking at:

Artillery Battery, 10.5 cm
Crew: Peter Pig, 3 crew packs
staff, 1 Late War CMD pack
spotters, 1 misc. pack

6 pdr Portee Platoon

Cavalry Recon Platoon
3 x M8
3 x M60mm mortars, 9 crew
3 x Jeeps w/.30, driver
3 x Jeeps w/60mm mortar, driver, crew
Tank Destroyer Platoon
4 x M10
2 x M20
1 x Jeep w/.50, driver
9 x infantry

WarMaster Ancients
Core Rules $36
Army List Book $30
Chinese Army ??? $200ish

Mighty Empires
New Box Set $45
White Dwarf $6
Classic Rules (.pdf) free

FlashPoint: Viet Nam

Base Rule Book
Sample miniature pack

Hoards of the Things
Base Rule Book

Miniature Building Authority
Small Industrial Buildings
Power Plant
Russian Village?
Euro Village?

And these are some general notes about various figure packets, manufacturers, and online venders where I might get this stuff:

Battle Front
Hopefully, they will just put out a boxed set for the Tank Destroyer Platoon
They will also be the source for everything in the Cav Recon platoon, now that the scout cars are on the way.
BattleFront may or may not get my business for the 6prds. That one is gonna come down to who can do it cheep, so there is a good chance it will be Old Glory, if the packs don't stick me with a bunch of waste. But it ain't gonna be Peter Pig! My only question on the Germans is where to get the guns. I'd like BattleFront quality, but I don't want to be stuck with all their crew. Seems like a quibble, but I would just rather use other poses and let BF crew work other guns. More variety. But Peter Pig doesn't make a 10.5cm gun, and again, if I go with OG I'll have two spare guns laying about. Then again, spare artillery is an easier sell than spare crew... other countries used the 10.5.... Ya, I'll probably end up with OG guns... So basically all BF can count on from me for the rest of the year is two platoons of mechanized Americans and what ever books they release along the way.

Peter Pig:
405. 2 Goliath teams
453. LW German radio operators
456. LW German Gun crew kneeling
465. German Higher command
67 LW German SMG (NCO) Kneeling
75 Seated Germans
206. Panther G infra Red(£6.50)
208. Panther stowage includes track , wheels and commander with MG34 AA basic pack price
201. Panther G (£6.50)
319. SDKFZ 251 C Camouflaged
39.French Resistance
398. Hand cart with pusher (2 of)
397. Bicycle and wheelbarrow civilians( 6 of)
60.Looters with tyre, chainsaw, TV
31. TV/Media Crew
43. Dictator SciFi crap


Accessories and Civilians (these come from, under Quality Castings)
Q-5017 55 Gal Drums, Grain Sacks, Wooden Crates, Wooden A
Q-5000 Accessory Kit Allied Tools, Gas Cans, Bedrolls, Ta
Q-5018 Concreate Pillbox with removable Top so figures ca
Q-5019 European Civilians
Q-5001 Partisans Advancing
Q-5002 Partisans Defending
Q-6032 Command car, civilian
Or, also from WarWeb, under QRF:
GSV06 Steyr Staff Car
GSV02 Steyr Truck
Or, from
Three Sheep IRR-BaaBaa1
Three Goats IRR-BleatBleat4
Two Horses IRR-GeeGee14
Three Pigs IRR-GruntGrunt3
Two Cows IRR-MooMoo2
Chickens FA01
Sheep FA03
Pigs FA04
Cattle FA05
Camp (baggage, barrels, fire) 15/CS01
Squire, and 3 unarmoured horses 15/DH01

Maybe some new license plates or something? Decals.

10mm Stuff:
This is a whole new world for me, smaller than I normally go. The local group is really starting to sniff around Warmaster Ancients in 10mm, but that's just opening the door. I could really get into some very small, very whimsical gaming in this cute little scale, especially with things like Battle of Five Armies being more or less LOTR fantasy Warmaster Ancients. Its expensive, but that big box has been calling to me since its release, and if it is compatable....

Then there's the total whackyness of Hoards of the Things. I could so get into that nuttyness...

Copplestone LOTR figures are just cute!

Wonder if I'll ever go back to 28mm? I'm sure I will, but man, they are gonna feel MASSIVE!

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