Thursday, July 5, 2007

Lets try this again...

This is not my first run at putting picturs of my toys on the interwebs, but stuff just always keeps lousing it up. First and formost, I'm lazy. And I work in IT. That translates to tech problems in my own life getting a very low priority. So the home website with unreliable update servers from the cable company was more hassle than it could ever be worth. The my boy got bored with his not-really-wantin'-ta-do-it web project thingy, so what I had up over there lost a home. So, we'll give the blog thing a try.

I opened this blog account today because I'd taken some new pictures of some nice new toys and the pretty table we'd played on yesterday, and I was thinking of writing a minitutorial for one thing and posting it to this one forum, and writing a nice AAR with table pics for another, where I also need to update all the campaign info and maps... yup. I need a blog.

Just for kicks, I'm going to dig up the material left over from previous sites and try and incorporate it here. The main push behind the 2nd version was to document my 15mm Paratrooper army for Flames of War but at this point all the cool modeling is alreay done, and a painting update doesn't need to be step by step, at least not from me, so that material will be retroactive. All this is contingent on me finding a good way to post semi organized picture galleries linked into, on, from this thing or something. Again, I don't need a lot of hassle, and photobucket is only gonna cut it so far me thinks. Pictures being a pain could easilly scuttle this little web bubble.

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